Specializing in Post Health Care Reform Solutions
Gain Momentum with State-of-the-Art Resources
Ascela is transforming the broker-employer relationship and setting a new standard for what an insurance broker should be – a valued member of your team.

What it means to work with Ascela
  • Provide Health Care Reform education and analysis.
  • Streamline every part of your benefits administration.
  • Plot and administer a long-term benefits strategy.
  • Give you employee-level support and assistance.
  • Offer products beyond medical insurance for a complete benefits package.
  • Adjust our services to meet your needs and resources.
What this means to you?
  • Knowing what your broker costs you
  • Knowing what your compliance needs are
  • Being educated about future reform
We encourage our clients to embrace the new technology that is available to increase efficiency and reduce administrative costs. How does technology simplify benefits?
  • Private Exchanges
  • Online Enrollment
  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)